Hello there. I am a full stack web developer, with experience in Python, PHP, Javascript/JQuerry, and Ubuntu. Below are a list of my projects that I’ve worked on.

I am the senior software developer for Global Health Metrics, a Health-tech startup located in Cleveland, OH. Our flagship product is our Health Risk Assessment, though we have several other products that we have worked on. I write the vast majority of our software and manage our servers.

Healthy Life HRA

Healthy Life HRA is the free version of our HRA. The hra itself is served as an API, and we have a portal (which is serving this site) that we can customize per client if they wish.


Housing.Health is a site we created with the city of Cleveland to address the lead crisis in the city. The site is a database of every rental property in the city and any structural or lead risk violations reported for the property.


Assess.health is our paid direct-to-consumer version of our HRA. It has a subscription model, coupon and one-time use codes, and comparison features.


WRUW-FM is the campus radio station of Case Western Reserve University. I have volunteered there since my freshman year doing tech work. Since summer 2018, I have hosted “Skinny Genes“, a pop-punk show on Wednesday’s 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM. I currently server as the Web Director/SysOp, Telethon Co Director, and the manager of our YouTube channel.


I have rebuilt the main website to integrate with a custom API I built to run off of Spinitron, the service we use to handle our playlist.


I built some custom software to allow a person to listen to any show that happened in the past two weeks on demand. I also upgraded our live stream from an mp3 stream to HLS. I also added analytics to the stream, so we can track how many listeners we have online and where they are coming from.

We do an annual telethon where we raise ~$60,000 in a week. I co-run the event and manage the website/phone orders.

Other Projects

BSA Registration Sites

I custom built some registration sites for several organizations inside of the Boy Scouts of America. These include custom emails and texting (including the ability to have a conversation with attendees inside a web browser), and payments via Square or Stripe.

During a summer internship, I worked on healthstead.org, a website that will tell you the health risks of your neighborhood (based on your census tract).
Bermuda Airlines
As a final project for a databases class, a classmate and I built a fictional airline with a website.