Below are a list of programming projects that I've worked on, including some fun projets, some that I've done for WRUW, the on campus radio station, and some that I've done for classes. All of these projects are written in Java.


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WRUW Analytics

This is one of the more complicated programs I've written. This program reads an IIS and Icecast (the streaming service we use) log, scan the IP addresses to find their location, and then creates a webpage that is then displayed by IIS.
For the IIS logs, it breaks into files (archived shows), and then creates a webpage for each file that is being downloaded.
It breaks the listeners by the past hour, 2 hours, day, week, month, and year and then in each one groups by country, then state, then city.

View code here


Radio Data System (or RDS) is a technology that allows data to be sent over FM channels to usually display things such as artist and title of now playing music. This program scrapes our website, formats the data correctly, then sends it over telnet to our transmitter to insert the data.

View code here

Puzzle Solver

This program I wrote for a data structures final project. It creates a Sliding Puzzle of whatever size, shuffles it, then can solve it with either depth first or breadth first.

View code here


I wrote a solitaire program for a final project in Java. The program is CLI based. What makes it special is that you can decide what size you want it to be and how many suites you want.

View code here

Text Compressor

A program I wrote for a class that compresses text using binary search trees, with the most used letters at the top of the tree and the least used at the bottom. Unfortunately, it does not save what the compressed letters are, so it is technically impossible to expand and read.

View code here