Web Development and Server Work

I have lots of experience in coding web languages such as html, php, and JavaScript. I also have worked with Bootstrap (such as this page) and jQuery.

Healthy Moms HRA

I wrote this website at my last internship. The majority of the design was written professionally (except for the mobile UI, which I did design), but I wrote the logic and the backend. It is a health-based questionare with instant feedback and a summary page and pdf. The backend is a MySQL database that handles all the questions and answers as well as saved data. Because of this simplicity, we can create new web questionares as quickly as you can enter the data, such as healthy joints.

I do not own this project, so I can not show the code.

Bermuda Airlines

This website was created as a final project for a databases class. It mimics a database an airline would you. It allows entering of airports, planes, staff and their salary, customers, flights, and allows you to search for customers and book, then later check in a ticket, where you can enter luggage info. It was hand coded in php and JavaScript with bootstrap to clean up the front end.

View code here


I did not write this website (it was written during a hackathon), but I cleaned it up, made it work on mobile, and added the national/county toggle (and add national data). This website allows you to enter your address or get your current location and tell you your health risks in your census tract and compares it across the nation, and if relevant enough, your county. The database is MySQL and the backend is written in Python using flask. I also created the video on the front page.

I do not own this project, so I can not show the code.

Server Work for WRUW

Our college radio station has a total of four servers, two for storage, one for streaming, and one off site as a webserver. I set-up and still manage all four of these servers and control their day to day operation. The three in the station use Windows since we use SMB shares (of a 24 drive RAID array) and software that only works on Windows. The off site one runs Ubuntu 16.04 server.


When I go to create a new website, I usually just spin up a wordpress site, so I have lots of experience in working with wordpress, including editing the back end to change themes and plugins manually. Here is a list of site that I have created in Wordpress.